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thank you so much for the message,hun!♥

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Hello, I got curious as to what the #v posts meant. I noticed how they're all too pretty but other than that, I can't see a cohesive theme of some sort. Care to enlighten? :) Love your posts btw, I reblog most of them!

Oh hey! First of all,I’m sorry for a really laaaate reply,I barely open tumblr anymore. So,I tagged some of my post as #v because #v stands for vertical. If you scrolling through my post that tagged as #v,they’re all vertical posts. I hope you understand what I mean hehe:-D

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That's so cool! Can you post a photo with them?

What do you mean by ‘a photo with them’? If you mean a photo of me as jack’s fiance,that was……. actually a joke. I mean who doesn’t want to be his fiance?………. ok for that I’m sorry if you think so._. Or if you mean a photo of me with them as a fans,I haven’t met them in real life. We live mileeeesssss away. so…. hmm it’s awkward tho._.

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Hey, do you mind if I ask who is that on your display picture? He's so handsome! :)

I WOULDN’T MIND AT ALL. omfg I always get so excited when people ask me about him. He is my fiancé—Jack Harries. He is a british youtuber,his channel is jacksgap. As a bonus,he has a doppelganger—I mean a twin and his name is Finn Harries. YOU’LL LOVE THEM I SWEAR.

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would you check out my blog? :D thx

sure thing dear!:)

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Anin, let me start off by saying you have a beautiful name! along with a beautiful face! (don't let anyone tell you otherwise because they're lying) i hope you had a good day, and remember that you are loved! <3

omfg,you’re the sweetest person ever♥ I hope you had an awesome day! ily xx♥

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I KNOW EXACTLY HOW YOU FEEL. I WON’T CHANGE IT UNLESS IT’S ANOTHER HOLY PICTURE OF JACK. JACK CAN DO NO WRONG IN EVERY PICTURE,YOU KNOW? Okaaay,so I’ll let you dying everytime I’m on your dashboard,because it means jack is there as well. Hahaha idk what we’re talking about right now

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Hi, I absolutely love your blog! It's beautiful! Would you mind checking out mine? Xx

Hiiii! Thank you so much,it means a lot:) I don’t mind,I love checking out blogs tho!:)x

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Hey there! :D I'm Claire!
 Favorite color= blue Favorite ship= Ten and Rose from Doctor Who as well :) Favorite ice cream flavor= COFFEE OREO Do you have a cat= no because my mom's allergic :(

Heey Claire! I love your name<3 We have the same fave color *highfive* Naw I’m sorry for that:( You have a nice blog anyway! and thank you for the message x

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Who are you: my name is Rae Legine 

Whats your favorite color: dark red Favorite ship: this makes no sense Favorite ice cream flavor: chocolate I think Do you have a cat: no but I'm planning to get one next semester

Hiii Rae! Oh favorite ship means two person that you want them to be together. Good luck for getting a cat! thank you for this message:)

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message sent from v0xes
Hi :) I am Sarah, favourite color = Electric blue. Favourite ship = Ten and Rose. Favourite ice-cream= Peppermint choc-chip. Cat= Yes she's really cute and looks like toothless from How to train your dragon but with white splotches. Your blog is amazing btw xx

Hello Sarah! Woah I wonder how electric blue look like:o Unlike you,I love sky or baby blue! Aww I bet she’s adorable. Thank you for the compliment and the message as well:)

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ughhh you are just dkfjhdfnhl so nice

ugggh and why are you so sweet? asjweknd xx

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Hi I'm Eliza :3 my favourite colour is yellow, I ship Percabeth and Caleo from the Percy Jackson series, my favourite ice cream flavour is cookies and cream, and i don't have a cat because I'm allergic to them unfortunately. how about you?

Hi Eliza! I love cookies and cream as well!:D Thank you for sent me this message. Oh and btw you have a lovely blog so I’ll give you a follow<3

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04.01.14 - 1 note - reblog
Hi! I need help on my URL. They say that I have the same URL (cauliflorous) with another blog. Can you choose my new URL in my saved URLs? Thanks! :)

Oh okaay I will do it when I’m online using my laptop:)

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